Announcing Dancer2 1.0.0

Announcing the release of Dancer2 1.0.0, a Perl-based web development framework.

A Few Steps Closer to Waltzing

Waltz is nearly self-hosting now.

Almost Waltzing

It was a productive weekend of hacking on Waltz!

Dancer2 0.301003 Released

New Language Guidelines

My guidelines and expectations for learning new programming languages.

Recent Dancer2 Happenings, Website, Thoughts on Agile

Hacking the List of Installed Packages in FreeBSD

How to manually manipulate the list of installed packages in FreeBSD

Repairing a Broken Driver Manager in Kubuntu

How I got past the "Collecting Information About Your System" phase in the Kubuntu driver manager.

Scraping Tumblr

How I migrated my blog content to Hugo.

FreeBSD in Parallels

How to avoid a kernel panic when installing FreeBSD under Parallels

Making Spotify Readable on 4k Displays in Linux

How to increase the text size in the Linux Spotify client

Release Early, Release Often!

On practicing what I preach to my team.

Hello, World!

Hello, world! Are you still listening?

Happy New Year!

Saying hello to 2018.

Screen Locking in High Sierra

You no longer need another app for this.

Friday Grab Bag

Takeaways from this week.

The Importance of Security Updates

No, I am not being dramatic here.

Good Times/Bad Times

Fixed one problem, but found another.

Encrypting your Linux desktop/laptop?

Encrypting your Linux box? Something to watch out for.

Happy Independence Day!

See what I learned this week.

Git rebase life-saver

How to back out a git rebase

Updating NodeJS

I needed a newer NodeJS on Ubuntu.

Using node on Debian-based distros

This is not the nodejs you're looking for.

OpenVPN and Linux

How to set up the OpenVPN on Linux.

The Price of Freedom

Linux on the desktop is still not for everyone.

Now developing on Linux!

I can haz Linux?!

It's a cold day in hell...

But the Eagles eventually reunited. So anything is possible.

Gross, but true

Did you know you need to clean your charging port? Neither did I.

Hacking my keyboard layout

Improve your vim productivity.

Upgrading rsync on macOS

What to do when you need a newer rsync on macOS.

Replicating data/making backups using rsync

How I learned to love rsync.

What have I been up to since 2015?

It's been a while.

I got my pilot license today!

I am now a licensed pilot.